Notes when using portable table saws

Using a safety saw is extremely important for a carpenter. Because most of them see saws as the main tool in their work. Besides, utilities are always accompanied by incalculable dangers that absolutely can happen. Fortunately, a portable table saw has been used for a long time by many people.  Common problems or dangers must be completely anticipated and avoided.

However, there are still many users do not know the principles of using safe saws.

Understand that, the following article offers some tips to help you use a safety saw to avoid potential risks. Let’s read and explore.

portable table saw

Do not wear gloves when using a table saw

Many people believe that gloves will protect your hands during use. This is only partly true because when wearing gloves if an occupational accident happens, gloves will somehow prevent the force of your hand. But gloves are the reason you lose the feeling of holding wood. As a result, keeping the material loose will cause unexpected problems.

Wear protective gear for eyes and ears

The eye is a very vulnerable part of the human body, especially during the cutting process, which often has materials and debris thrown off. Therefore, equipping yourself with a standard glass will help you avoid this accident.

The noise during the operation of the portable table saw is very large, hard to hear and jarring. If you do not use buttons, ear protectors, for a long time, this noise will affect your ears, and you may lose your hearing completely. This process will take place slowly, silently, so bring your protection to avoid the worst case.

Wear short clothes

Tie, wide and long clothes, and massive jewelry are prohibitions in this cutting job. Because, just a second not paying attention, these items will cause you to get into a work accident before you can react.

Comfortable posture, legs far enough to balance

This is very important when you are trying to cut your long pieces of wood that require you to step closer to the saw to continue working. After that, you create momentum and stop easily. You can also wear shoes with non-slip soles.

Use sticks to push wood

Sticks should be 6 inches wide or smaller. Keeping your hands close to the circular saw will not be cut. In general, 6 inches is the minimum distance considered safe although some other tips are 4 inches or 8 inches.

The body position does not lie on a straight line with the saw blade

In the process of using table saws, sawdust through the slot of the saw blade will be thrown out. And more specifically, in the worst case, the saw blade is loose and splashed out, you will not hit and lead to unwanted injuries. To avoid the situation of sawdust shot in the face, warn to lying in the line of the saw blade. 

Always disconnect the power before replacing the saw blade or any maintenance operation

This will help you avoid electric shock or unfortunately start the saw table and endanger yourself. Please arrange the socket in your view so you can check if you have disconnected or not

Make sure the saw has stopped spinning before adjusting the saw table

The reasons are very clear, the adjustment makes the hand too close to the blade, even a slow-moving saw blade with many sharp edges can still hurt you. Before you turn on the power, make sure the blade is not entangled in anything, which is entirely useful after changing or adjusting the saw blade. In other words, test the blade a few times without electricity to make sure there are no tools or materials to touch.

Keep the saw table smooth and clean

This idea is simple but also very important. Always be sure to clean the saw blades and saws regularly to avoid damage and rust to reduce your work efficiency.

Check the material before cutting. Find nails, screws, wood, …

To ensure that the operation does not occur such as falling screws, … causing danger to the user

To sum up

I have presented completely some safety rules when using the best portable table saws. These notes are also common considerations in the use of other saws such as hand saw, etc. Let’s always pay attention to protect yourself from unfortunate dangers that may occur.

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