Memorable summer vacation

Last summer. my mother took me and my sister to visit her hometown in Thanh Hoa. My mother is very busy because of her work.  It has been a long time since I have visited my grandparents. But last year was the year I was going to college. So, my mother let me return her hometown to help me feel more comfortable. So, I was extremely excited. My mother prepared a lot of gifts for my grandparents, my uncles, and the son of my uncle.

My mother’s hometown is far away from my house. We took about 6 hours by bus. All three of us felt extremely tired. But when I saw the rice paddies in my mother’s village, All tired like disappearing. After getting off the bus, we walked for about 5 minutes to my grandparents’ house. When we went to my grandparents’ gate. We were surprised to see my grandparents and uncles standing outside the waiting gate. My uncle ran to pawn for her mother. My grandmother hugged my mother and said: “I miss you so much”. That scene was extremely touching. After that, we went into the house. After sitting and talking for a while, we looked so tired.  So, my grandparents told us to take a shower and go to bed early. He added that tomorrow, the son of my uncle will lead us around the village. I was extremely excited.

The next day, when I woke up, my mother and my grandmother were preparing breakfast. As for my grandfather, I watched the morning news. Outside. People were preparing to go to the fields to work. Life here is very peaceful.

After breakfast,  Ha – Uncle Tuan’s son came to take us around the village. First of all, because I said I want to see people doing carpentry (Forget to tell you that my mother’s village is famous for making carpentry). Therefore, he took us to Vinh’s uncle who is the most famous carpenter in the village for me to see. When we arrived at my house. I saw Ving’uncle was using wood chisels to do something. Seeing us come, Vinh’s uncle stopped the work he was doing and ran to tell us to go into the house to drink water. But we told that wanted to see him do it. He said OK and told us we could go around and see. He is so kind. When going inside, I saw many workers doing something. I ran to ask them and they said that they are making a wooden picture. So great. I was very lucky to be able to see the process of making a wooden picture here.

They worked very professionally. Each person did one stage. One person used hand saws to cut logs into rectangles according to the size of the picture. After the cut was finished, a person would start carving the picture on the picture. Then. A person would use a hammer to close the picture frame. Finally, a person would use the drill bit to drill 2 small holes on the top of the painting to be able to hang on the wall.  Great. I learned a lot after watching them do. (Previously, I only studied carpentry on woodworking books). Time passes quickly. Although I wanted to see more. But it was dark. We had to come back home.  I was so sad.

The next day, He took us to Sam Son beach. This sea is extremely beautiful. We took a lot of photos here. Moreover, We played football, built sand castles and ate delicious seafood here. By evening. We went flying kites. That day was extremely happy.

On the last day, Ha took us to the biggest market here. There are many great things I wanted to buy. I finally bought my friends beautiful and unique wooden bracelets.

Time passed quickly. It’s time for us to return to Thai Nguyen. I never forget the fresh air and friendly people here. I am really stressed about the upcoming exam. This trip back my mother’s hometown helped me relax a lot. Certainly, after the university exam ended, I will return to this place. I also want to see Uncle Vinh doing more carpentry.

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